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The Writing Wives are proud to present.....

AMS Ad Consulting to Level up your sales & marketing

With Felicia Beasley and the Writing Wives Ad Team!

If AMS Ads have left you confused and scratching your head, let us help you make sense of it all.

Colorful Shapes

Learn how to level up your author career with AMS ads and The Writing Wives Ad Team

—whether you are brand new or already making a full-time income (and anywhere in between). 

Do you want to:

Maximize your metadata and product page to increase the effectiveness of your Amazon ads?


Find more effective & relevant authors, books, and keywords for your ads?


Explore how to use all the different ad types Amazon offers to maximize your visibility?

Analyze AMS data without being a math whiz or spending hours of time?


Improve your ads with negative targeting?


Get your AMS ads spending when they stubbornly won’t?

      Spend your time on what will have the biggest impact on             improving your ads (and where not to waste your time).


These Calls Are Focused On YOU!

No one size, fits all approach


What you get

  • We will review any current ads you are running & past ad data (if available). And if you haven’t started with AMS ads (or would like to start fresh), Felicia will walk you through creating all types of Amazon ads, including sponsored product, sponsored brand and lockscreen ads.

  • Your 1st call will focus on feedback on your product page, your book metadata, and any of your current ads. We’ll look at who your readers are and how to find them. By the end of the call, you’ll understand how to find relevant targeting for your keyword and product ads.

  • In call two, we’ll use your improved metadata & your researched relevant targeting to improve your current ads or create new ones (or both!)

  • Call three & four will focus on troubleshooting your ad campaigns. The Writing Wives Ad Team will show you what ad metrics are important so you can figure out WHY your ads aren’t working. Then Felicia will give you the tools to fix it!

  • You’ll learn what to do when ads won’t (or stop) spending. What to do when your ads aren’t converting. How to increase CTR and decrease CPC. And when you should just start over (this is rare!)

  • All calls are recorded and available for you to review and refer to forever.

All for only $1297! of $450/month for 3 months

To get started working with The Writing Wives, click a button below!

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