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One-click Profit Stack: Facebook Ads for Your Next Best-seller

If you're worried about failing at Facebook Ads on your own, grab our most popular masterclasses to launch to success! 9 Hours of content and FAQ questions, this bundle will get your Facebook Ads one-click ready!

Also includes an Ad profitability call to help you determine what your ad spend should be to be profitable. 

Let us help you take the guess work out of Facebook Ads and help your book series climb the charts!

FB Ads - Beginner Class.jpg

2.5 Hours of Instructions that will get you started on FB Ads


Learn the different types of campaigns

Build Audiences to target your ideal reader


Construct ad creative & copy designed to convert

Highlight which tools authors need & those we don't need

Learn how to assess if ads are working

Step by step instructions as we create an ad

FB Ads - Advanced Class.jpg

2.5 Hours of instruction plus Live FAQ!

Learn how to target advance audience techniques

Learn what the FB Pixel is and how to apply it

Learn conversion, traffic, landing page ads

Learn retargeting ads & video ads

Learn how to target advance audiences WITHOUT using FB Audience Tool.


2.5 hours of questions plus FAQ!

Learn how to convert your ideal readers with:

How to write Persuasive Ad Copy

Persuaive Images

Learn Primer words to speak directly to your ideal reader

How to make videos that convert to sales

Including a 30 Minute Ad Profitability Call
with the Writing Wives

Only $247! (Value $650!)