There are people who are good at writing books. On the flip side, there are people who are good at marketing books.


I just did a consult with Malorie Cooper after taking her beginner and mid-level Facebook ad classes at The Writing Wives and I can safely say that she is BOTH... an analytical, critical, math-oriented mind framed around a creative soul. (Didn't know such a combination existed!)


I've got the creative part down pat... great at words, characters, plots, etc., but I'm world-class awful at math, demographics, psychometrics, blah-blah-biddy-blah-ics. Enter Malorie. BOOM! She is filling in all the missing gaps for me… and SPECTACULARLY!


She immediately identified a problem with my approach to Facebook ads, tweaked it, and sent me in a new direction. I'm already seeing results. Her webinars themselves are enough for any Facebook ad newbie to be up and running in a matter of hours. Money well spent, future bookselling revenue from ads forged. Totally stoked. I know I'm in good company with someone who really knows what she's talking about... because not only does she teach it, she's been there and has the numbers to PROVE it.


John D. Patten, author of Miami Burn, the first book of the Titus Florida Crime Thriller Series

The thing that comes to mind first for me is Mal Cooper’s talk about FB ads back in 2017 at a writer’s conference. I had wasted thousands on ads that didn’t convert for over a year and was fed up, but the presentation, even though it was short, maybe half an hour, completely opened my eyes to what I had been doing wrong.


I came home and applied the advice and concepts Mal had given at the conference, and within two months of starting ads again, my sales had increased ten-fold because I suddenly understood them. That was a MAJOR turning point for me, when I figured out how to make money off my books.

Gwyn McNamee, Romance Suspense Author

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