Stephanie Afzelius

A Clairvoyant Psychic, Reiki Master, and Life Coach

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We are proud to welcome Stephanie Neary to our retreat where she will offer us some guided meditation to help us relax, center ourselves, and give our full attention to our writing careers.

Her Bio:

My name is Steph Afzelius and I am a psychic medium, meditation teacher, coach, and Reiki Master.  I began to open my psychic abilities when I began to meditate to help with stress. After about 1-2 weeks of meditation, I began to hear, see and feel the spirit.  I was shocked and a little scared as you can imagine!  As some time went on, I started seeing future visons and eventually started to hear spirit.  I am clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (clear knowing), tarot reader and an empath.  I am no longer scared, and I embrace my gifts and very grateful to communicate with spirit.

I provide my clients with many different readings such as career, life path, love, and twin flames, future visions and predictions and much more. Do you have a unique request, please just let me know!  I also provide coaching, Reiki healing, meditation training and audios, and spiritual attunements.  I offer many spiritual attunements such as Abundance Manifestations, DNA Light Integrative and Worry Flush to name a few.

I love being able to provide psychic readings, coaching, and meditation training!  I am a genuine psychic and my mission and goals are to help my clients to obtain their best life possible, knowing future events before it happens and finding their authentic self.  I love to give my professional advice and readings on what is the best direction to take to achieve success and happiness.   I care for all of my clients and always have their highest good in mind. Everything you tell me is always confidential.  When we have a one on one session, I can give you a reading and advice and you can ask me as many questions you have during this time.  I also offer email, Skype and Facebook video readings/coaching as well.  My readings are very empowering and possibly life-changing.

You can rech her at Divine Love.