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The Writing Wives are proud to present.....

The Facebook Beginners 101 Course

With NYT Best-selling Author Malorie Cooper & USAT Author Jill Cooper

If you've heard about Facebook Ads for Authors but are afraid to dig in, you don't have to do it alone.

Does this some familiar?


Tech makes you nervous
You're afraid of making a mistake

What if you spend more money than you want

Instead of that imagine what it could be like if you were:


Relaxed around the FB Ads platform

Knew how to create an ad and how to target an audience

Instead of the ad data making you nervous, you felt in control and knew what to do


If you are ready to guide your author career into the next stage and achieve that next level


This easy, step by step program is for you.

In this go at your own speed program you will create ads with NYT Author Malorie Cooper as she shows you how plus gives you information on best practices.

You'll get access to 11 videos from creation to Frequently Asked Questions

You'll get a copy of the Read Through Calculator

You'll learn:

The difference between a campaign, an ad set, and an ad

How to create an Amazon Attribution Link and why you need one

How to use dynamic ads

How to craft the best sale copy in short, medium, and long copy

How much to spend (Hint, you can get started for $5/day)
And how to read the ad data and what it means


If you are ready to learn this course will put you in the driver's seat!

Screenshot 2023-05-19 090822.png

If you want this, join us today!


NYT Author Malorie Cooper and USAT Jill Cooper are the authors of the Help! My Facebook Ads Suck book and with their company the Writing Wives they have helped authors in all genres achieve their dream of selling more books and becoming successful authors on their terms. 


Whether that means going full-time, earning more money for vacations and house payments or something in between.


The Writing Wives believe that earning money from book sales is obtainable for all authors if they are willing to learn.


Facebook Ads have been a huge part of their success and now they want to give you the knowledge and power to do it for yourself! Whether you make $200/month, $40,000/month or $100K/month, or fall somewhere in the middle, you can level up your success by leveraging the power of Facebook Ads.




All for only $167

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