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If you want to learn from Jill & Malorie Cooper and discover how to smash through to the next level of successful book launches, stick with us.

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I'm already sold!

We know what it takes. We've done it all before.


Are you ready to take the next step to elevate your career?



Then it's time to...


Rocket Launch

Because launching a book can be A LOT.


We've been there. We've experienced the growing pains. Now we want to help you get through it.

Way back in 2016 we started taking launches seriously.

We experimented. We learned.

We launched hundreds of books.

Take our experience and learn our best practices.

We would soon go full-time. Best seller lists would be achieved repeatedly.

From the book's blurb, to the reader magnet, all the way up to release day, we'll walk through a master book launch so you know what to do, when to do it, and most importantly, why.

What you'll get:

A 90 minute instructional course including answers to the most asked questions about launches.

👍The Launch Plan to Do Spreadsheet
     (checklist with auto populating dates!)

👍Lifestyle Spreadsheet
     (How many books can you put out a year without taxing yourself?)

👍3 Launch Type worksheets Checklist
     (including dates and time frames!)

👍Budget Sheets

👍A full launch Workbook


👍Jill's social media & Newsletter Scheduler

👍Plus a copy of Help! My Launch Plan Sucks!

Bring notebooks, pens, and your thinking caps because we are going to stuff your brain full!

Also includes the recorded session because you're going to want to re-watch this.

But maybe you'd like to go further...

Perhaps you're looking for a little more personal support. Someone you can talk to who has been there.


To answer your questions.


Someone with the experience of self publishing since 2016 and who made the USA Today & New York Times best seller lists!

Someone who knows how to launch books. 

Run and scale ads.


Who knows how to work that Amazon algorithm while never forgetting it's people we sell to, that it's people who read our books.

And knows how to get the best of both worlds blended for optimal results.

If this sounds like something you'd like, keep reading.

You'll get everything listed above. Access to the 90 minute course plus all of the source materials so you can CRUSH your next launch.

Plus a one hour Zoom consult with

USAT & NYT bestselling author M.D. Cooper

(But you can call her Malorie)

You will talk about blurbs, covers, meeting genre expectations, and that's just for starters!  

One hour to ask your most burning questions. Mal will do a review of your existing catalogue, your plans for the future, and dispense feedback and advice  from launching, scaling, and talking Facebook Ads. All as it pertains specifically to you.



Three Payments of

  • Lifestyle productivity estimator

  • Book Launch Planning Spreadsheet

  • Launch Type Checklists

  • Budget estimator sheets

  • Full launch Workbook

  • Jill's Social Media & Newsletter Scheduler

  • A copy of Help! My Launch Plan Sucks!

Exclusive addons for you