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New York Times bestselling author Malorie Cooper and USA Today bestselling author Jill Cooper have built their careers by successfully using Facebook Ads to put their books in front of the right readers.

In this entirely re-written third edition of Help! My Facebook Ads Suck, they walk you through how to create audiences and ads that will find your ideal readers and get them converting into sales and page reads. In addition, you'll learn how to analyze ads, finding the poorly performing elements and removing them, honing your ads into lean, mean, marketing machines.

Have you put up Facebook ads to sell your books time and time again, only to spend a pile of money and not see any sales?

You're not alone. We were there too, but seven years ago--thanks to Facebook Ads--we quit our day jobs to make a living selling fiction. Both our initial successes and the sustainability of our book sales have come from Facebook ads.

Stop losing money every time you run an ad and instead turn them into book-selling machines.

Help! My Facebook Ads Suck - Third Edition - eBook Version

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