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We're scoping out places on the west coast for a December writing retreat. We're thinking So-Cal to stay nice and warm, but need to get a good headcount before we put down a deposit (which are often not refundable). 


To help with that, we're taking $50.00 deposits so you can hold your spot. These are totally refundable, it's just to ensure you get a place, and to help get a solid headcount--plus pay for the deposit when we select a location.


We're aiming for something in the range of 15-25 people again, and will have a guest speaker or two, round table discussions, talks, and probably dips in the pool!


Again, fear not, this $50 deposit is refundable if you cannot attend or change your mind and will be taken off of the full ticket price.

West Coast Dec 2020 Retreat Deposit

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