Official Retreat Schedule

Days will also include intimate round table conversations about craft, other writer topics, and free talk.     

Thursday, May 14th -- it's arrival day!

Noon           Coffee and meet and greet! Get to know each other
                     Introductory Talk with Mal Cooper!

                     Ice Breakers
4:00 PM       Round Table Conversations
5:00 PM       Dinner
6:30 PM       Sprint into the stars
8:00 PM       Campfire/sauna/hot tub time!
Friday, May 15th    
8:00   AM    Breakfast and Sprints
9:30   AM    Guided meditation
11:00 AM    Caring for the author mind, body, & soul with Jill Cooper
Noon          Lunch
1:00   PM    Sprints, personal time, 1on1 sessions
4:00   PM    Round Table Conversations
5:00   PM    Dinner
6:00   PM    How to decrease your workday and not your bottom line with Elana                     Johnson
7:00   PM    Sprint into the stars
8:00   PM    Campfire/Hot Tub/Sauna
Saturday, May 16th    
8:00   AM    Breakfast and Sprints
9:30   AM    Guided meditation
11:00 AM    Branding Success: Holistic Look at Ads with Mal Cooper
Noon          Lunch
1:00   PM    Nutrition Talk: 3 Secrets to Being a Fit & Fabulous Entrepreneur
2:00   PM    Sprints, personal time, round tables, and 1-on-1 sessions
4:00   PM    Round Table Conversations
5:00   PM    Dinner
6:00   PM    Road to 1 million with Mal Cooper
7:00   PM    Sprint into the stars
8:00   PM    Campfire/Hot Tub/ Sauna
Sunday, May 17th    
8:00 AM     Breakfast and Sprints
Noon          Lunch
1:00 PM      Pack up
2:00 PM      Pack up your knowledge with Mal Cooper (wrap up)
3:00 PM      Farewells
                   Car service to the airport