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Calculate Read-Through Determine ROI Pricing Strategies

The Next Generation in Author Tools

The next phase in Author Tools is coming from The Writing Wives

It's the is the brain child of Malorie Cooper.


Our mission statement: Make FB Ads accessible to ALL indie authors. Even if spreadsheets make you nervous, you aren't a numbers or math person, or if you're usually in a time crunch.

Because your success as an author shouldn't be determined by your ability to read a spreadsheet. We want to level the playing field so you don't have to think like a software coder to understand how to make FB Ads work for you.

Even if the thought of math and numbers DON'T make you break out into hives, Solaris will cut how long you spend data crunching your FB Ads and free up your time so you can get back to writing.


Phase 1 of Solaris Provides:


  • Readthrough for each series (no spreadsheet required)

  • Visuals showing ROI based on read-through, ad spend, and sales data 

  • Detailed analytics around both profit per sale and per read

  • When your ads are profitable

  • How much $$ you'll make if your CPC or Conversion are better

  • Details on how changing pricing will affect read through and ROI.

Solaris ROI Results: Facebook Ads for Authors
Solaris Dashboard: Facebook Ads for Authors

Solaris breaks down the data in seconds and displays it with the help of charts and graphs with contextual information explaining what all the data means.

What might take you hours to do now, you'll be able to do in a few minutes of work.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have much bigger plans for the next year or two. We're committed to building Solaris into a robust, fully-featured tool that will save you time, help you improve your marketing, and analyze your FB Ads as though Malorie Cooper (or a member of her ads team) is sitting right beside you.

Fill out the form to get information on launch and watch Mal demo it below!

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