Work along side an NYT Bestselling author as she crafts her next  story along side YOU!

Learn the entire process inside and out!



An 8-Week Mentor Program
Starting  November 20th


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Write your next story alongside Malorie as she researches a new genre for a new pen name, then crafts a 15k reader magnet. Follow along through the whole process from genre research, to plotting/outlining, writing, revising, editing, production, release, and advertising of that story!

This is the holy grail of indie mentorship! All of the classes that Jill and Mal teach with practical application ARE HERE as you go through the steps in real-time.

With guidance and feedback. Get answers to all of your burning questions.

It's a ringside seat with a NYT best selling author. Learn what she knows and get ready to nail it.

You'll hear from Jill and Mal plus other industry leaders. This is the kind of knowledge you can't put a price tag on.

Laptop Writing

It Can Be Daunting

There is SO MUCH to learn and manage

What would it be worth to have someone hold your hand and guide you through the process?

That's where this course comes in.

Mal and Jill have written a lot of books. 


We've plotted, we've pantsed, we've taken our time, done it in a rush, marketed heavily, skipped marketing altogether! Now we're going to take that expertise and put it at your fingertips. 

You'll learn:

  • How to identify the niche you should focus on (hint: play to your strengths).

  • Ways to figure out the top tropes in your genre.

  • How to get your readers to emotionally connect with your main character.

  • What you need to tell your cover designer to get the best cover.

  • Plot of discover as you go--uncover the best way to write for you!

  • Learn tips and tricks from industry pros on how to keep words flowing from your imagination to the page.

  • How to utilize sprints to increase productivity.

  • What you need to do before your book goes to an editor.

  • How to write the blurb (it's easier than you think).

  • Going over edits and how to survive critical feedback.

  • Release planning

  • Promoting that book and getting it in the hands of the right readers.

  • So much more!

At the end of the eight weeks you will have a ready to market book that hits your genre's tropes and sweet spot.

This is a full indie novelist education!

We're condensing years of learning (and mistakes) into a repeatable process you can use to build (or improve) your writing career. 

And we're doing it for only

(With single payment)

There's a lot more!

The steps and process are just the beginning.

Malorie Cooper will be crafting the first story for her next pen name right alongside you as you write a story as well!

Our focus is going to be on building a reader magnet to kick off a new name, or boost sales to an existing series.

Jill & Mal are going to read your story :O

And offer much needed feedback.

Don't worry, we're gentle.

Not only will you follow along, but you're going to get 1-on-1 consulting and critique from NYT and USAT bestselling authors. 

You'll also get group feedback, encouragement, and exhortation.

What? You want even more?

You drive a hard bargain.

Learn from other industry leaders in the indie publishing world

We don't know it all, so we're going to tap into our network and bring in guests who are top of their game to teach you how to nail each aspect of your craft

One last thing...
In order to do a good job and give you and your story the attention deserved, we're limiting this mentorship mastermind to 15 people!

We're not saying this to make you worry--we'll do this class again. We just want you to know that we're promising not to spread ourselves too thin <3


Malorie Cooper has been a full time author since 2017 who has hit the NYT bestsellers list and has been a leader in the indie community, dispensing advice and information on Facebook Ads since 2016. 

Together with her wife Jill Cooper, they have written the ever popular Help! My Facebook Ads Suck book.

Mal has traveled the world speaking at author conventions where she puts on stellar talks that have people returning year after year to listen to her presentations on Facebook ads, finding audiences, writing blurbs, and so much more.

She has appeared at Inkers Con, 20Books Vegas 2017-2021, Orlando Reads, Space Coast Books, New England Speculative Fiction Authors, NINC, PAX East, PAX West, and this year at the Superstars Writing Seminars for the first time.

Jill Cooper has launched her own full time writing career while also running promos, ads, and launches for Malorie. Together they are the dynamic duo of the indie author community! They love helping authors, dispensing free advice, and cultivating a community in their FB Group the Writing Wives.


Mal Cooper speaker at: 

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You won't regret it.