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With NYT Bestselling Author Malorie Cooper
& USAT Bestselling Author Jill Cooper


You've written the book. You ship it off to the editor and commission a cover. Now you know what you need to do.

Write the blurb.

And you break out into a sweat as you struggle to describe the plot, the backstory, the characters. Which subplots do you talk about? Which do you take out?

 How are you supposed to make this sound natural? How can you make it enticing to new readers while cramming it full of info?

Writing great, engaging blurbs sell books, but how do you do it?

And you say to yourself, this is so hard. Writing a blurb is harder than writing the book.

Sound familiar?

If you're like most authors, you've wasted hours trying to hone and craft the perfect blurb only to fall short half a dozen times. 

And you feel out of control.


You feel lost.


You're spinning your wheels and losing confidence.

We've been there too but it doesn't have to be this way. Crafting a blurb can be fun. Yes, fun. Fun, easy, telling a micro mini story in 250 words or less, that fits with your genre, your tropes, and excites your ideal reader.

You can write the perfect blurb for your book.

You can feel in charge.


You know the system that will work time after time.

Writing a blurb can be a breeze.

If you don't believe me, this might be the perfect clinic for you.


September 8th - September 16th 

Because writing a blurb is often harder than writing the book.

It can be hard to weed through acres of trees to find the heart of the forest.

Your story deserves to be heard and the heart of it must be found.

With our remarkable technique we'll cut through the weeds and help you find the main themes, your core story, and show you HOW to craft something that fits your genre and the expectations your ideal reader has!

Paired with the perfect cover, they won't be able to resist buying your book. But first, let's get prepared to do the work.

This is the beginning of selling your book online. This is the beginning of running successful ads that sells your book.

This nine day clinic will take you from the beginning:

  • Identify your genre niche 

  • Identify your tropes

  • Study best sellers in your market

  • Break down your story

  • Find the brightest and best action verbs

  • And so much more!


Malorie Cooper has been a full time author since 2017 who has hit the NYT bestsellers list and has been a leader in the indie community, dispensing advice and information on Facebook Ads since 2016. 

Together with her wife Jill Cooper, they have written the ever popular Help! My Facebook Ads Suck book.

Mal has traveled the world speaking at author conventions where she puts on stellar talks that have people returning year after year to listen to her presentations on Facebook ads, finding audiences, writing blurbs, and so much more.

She has appeared at Inkers Con, 20Books Vegas 2017-2021, Orlando Reads, Space Coast Books, New England Speculative Fiction Authors, NINC, PAX East, PAX West, and this year at the Superstars Writing Seminars for the first time.

Jill Cooper has launched her own full time writing career while also running promos, ads, and launches for Malorie. Together they are the dynamic duo of the indie author community! They love helping authors, dispensing free advice, and cultivating a community in their FB Group the Writing Wives.

Now these two ladies want to help you get a leg up and to see your author career soar.

To help, Mastering the Book Blurb Clinic will give you an arm loads worth of material over a 9 day period!


👍 Day 0: Zoom Kick Off Party

(cash prices for joining & staying to the end)

👍 Day 1: Identifying your genre & sub-niche

👍 Day 2: Study your genres best seller's Blurbs

(Worksheet: we'll take notes!)

👍 Day 3: You'll break down your story to find it's strongest elements

👍 Day 4:  We'll finish pulling key emotion, rising action, and conclusion from your book.

👍 Day 5: You'll craft that blurb!

👍 Day 6: Round table feedback and discussion. Don't back away now we're almost there!

👍 Day 7: Take that feedback and revise your blurb to perfection!

👍 Day 8: Zoom Wrap up Party! Prizes up for grabs for those that stuck with it through to the end!


🤩 Every day we'll post a video of instruction and we'll be around to answer questions. Members will be encouraged to jump in and help each other, too!


September 8th - September 16th


Bring notebooks, pens, and your thinking caps because we are going to stuff your brain full!


They have crafted hundreds up hundreds of blurbs both for themselves and dozens for clients--and friends! Now you'll learn how they do it, step by step, and the thought process behind it.

Remember, the blurb is the first step in warming up a cold audience. The cover catches their attention. The blurb sells the book. The blurb may be the most important thing you write for every book you produce.

You can't afford to miss this class! Unleash your author brand and see how high it can soar.

All for only...