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Virtual Assistant Packages

Authors: Let me help you!

Are you looking to free time up in your schedule?

Are you looking for help crafting newsletters because you don't know what to say?

Do you need someone to manage your ARC team or set up a drip campaign? Or with social media?

Are you looking for a writing or accountability coach? Someone to run writing sprints with?

Then check out some of our virtual assistant packages for big and small authors alike! We have an introductory offer and time-tested tasks to free your plate. Get rid of the admin duties so you can go back to writing books or running your business!

Jill has several years of experience being a VA on top of 8 years of experience writing, publishing books, and running several businesses, , setting up social media campaigns and running Facebook Ads. No need to train her, she knows exactly what to do and what you need to free up your schedule.

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