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With 7 figure NYT Bestselling Author Malorie Cooper & USAT Bestselling Author Jill Cooper

Your Free Facebook Ads Score Card
for Authors, eBook Creators, Coaches, and Course Creators

Do you struggle with knowing what metrics to look at in the Facebook/Meta Ad Manager? 

Does it leave you frustrated and feeling confused about which action to take?

And you aren't ready to hire an expensive agency and want to learn to do it yourself....

Look no further, our Ad Scorecard will tell you what to look for, and how to correct issues with your ad so that you can always make sure your ad is profitable...

...and ready to scale

If you're ready to feel confident and relaxed about your ads, keep reading!

If your ads leave you FRUSTRATED confused, look no further!


Hi! We are Malorie and Jill Cooper! As NYT and USAT best-selling authors we've launched a 7 figure business for ourselves and help other professionals with e-books scale their careers and sell more books!


Way back in 2017 we unlocked the magic of Facebook Ads to make a profit out of a fiction catalog that was steadily growing.


But it's not really magic. And it's a repeatable system that can work for anyone with a well packaged book and for any creator who knows their ideal audience.


And we can teach you how to do it!

Whether you are a fiction author, a non-fiction author, or are advertising yourself as a coach, public speaker, or service provider, we can help you:

Tell if your ad is profitable.

If your audience selection is correct

If you are ready to increase your ad spend

And the Facebook Ad Score card will help you determine what you need to change, or scale, with a few simple clicks!


Watch the video recommendations in this free app to help get your as on the road to big profits.

To gain access, please fill out the form below and you can get Access for FREE!


GET YOUR Facebook Ad'S 


Malorie Cooper is a frequent guest on podcasts and speaks publicly at author events nationwide including NINC, 20books Vegas, InkersCon, RWA individual chapter meets to name a few. Jill & Malorie Cooper at the authors of the best-selling book Help! My Facebook Ads Suck, Help! My Launch Plan Sucks, and Help! My Blurb and Sale Copy Suck.

Their mission is to help as many indie authors and e-book creators sell as many books a possible while growing their business.


To contact them, email  

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