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Jill and Malorie Cooper are the Writing Wives. Twenty-three years of marriage to each other, and over two hundred published titles have taught them a lot about writing, partnership, and getting stuff done!

Now they're sharing that knowledge with you! 

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Maybe you've written a book or a series and now you're thinking, now what? You want to get more eyeballs on your book, you want to sell more copies. You want to create a legion of superfans. But the first step is drawing potential readers to your book. You need to be discovered. How do you do that?

Let the writing wives help you be discovered with advertising and marketing techniques that they have used to make over 1 million dollars in the last three years.


From your covers to your site to your newsletter, helping readers have a consistent experience is key to them knowing they're in the right place. 

Let us help, it'll be fun!


You've written the novel and now you need to get it in front of readers. 

One of the most effective ways to do that is with Facebook Ads. 

Whether you've run plenty of ads or are just getting started, we have ways to help you improve targets and get more conversions.


The Writing Wives have worked on a lot of covers. 

Like...hundreds and hundreds.

From specing out what a cover needs to design to typography, we know what covers work in different genres and how you want to hit both tropes and stand out. 

Check out our gallery of past designs, typography work, and premade covers. 


If you're an author, chances are you're working at tasks and  problems we're experienced with.

Whether it's blurb and ad copy writing, launch planning, or general VA services like newsletter design/delivery, we're here to help!

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