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Authors, learn to generate your own covers and typography like a pro.


Join  7-figure author Malorie Cooper in this 2-day AI Art & Typography class in August.

You can grab tickets for 1 day or both!

If you don't think you can use AI art ethically, come have your mind blown!

Join us for 90 minutes in each class and receive a copy of the recording, plus notes and prompts.

Class 1: Ethical use of AI art for marketing, study, creating your own custom images, altering, refining, and more.


Class 2: Learn typography standard and tips to make your marketing images and covers pop like the pros.

Class 2 – You Have the Art. Craft an Amazing Cover

With hundreds of books between us (Jill and Malorie), we’ve commissioned our fair share of covers. We’ve also made many of our own, and Malorie has done the typography on the vast majority of her books. 

In recent years, Malorie has also made covers for dozens of clients as a way to stretch her creative legs. 

In a nutshell, we know covers–and art is only half of the picture.

But what makes a cover shine and makes another sink?

Even with the best art, a cover needs amazing typography to stand out from the crowd. Typography can signal genre and trope as much as the image–the wrong typography will signal the wrong thing to readers and hurt your sales. 

Beyond that, there’s color, shading, lighting, and a host of other factors that separate a cover from an image. Ever looked at a book and thought that the cover just looks like a photograph with text slapped on it?

Why do some covers give that impression while others never trigger it at all and simply look amazing? 

In this class, you’ll learn the subtle nuances that separate amateur from professional in easy-to-understand terms.

We’re aiming this class at folks with a passing understanding of how to use Photoshop with a goal of showing you how to take it to the next level and put you on the road to crafting covers that will really make your book shine.

Whether you need to some covers for novellas and reader magnets, or you want to test a number of different covers for book 1 in a series before redoing the whole thing, this class is for you. 

Get ready to make some gorgeous covers you never thought possible–often in less than an hour!

August 25th at 2pm - 4pm EST!

Class 1 - Ethically Use AI Art for Covers & Marketing

AI art isn’t going away. Learn how to leverage it for ads and covers in a sensible and ethical way.

Every day, we work with authors who have advertising creative that just isn’t doing the trick. The same images from the same stock photo sites are being used on thousands of ads and people are just plain tired of seeing them.

Add to that covers that aren’t working and folks end up overspending on ads to send readers to book pages that don’t convert.

Ad art is relatively easy to change up, but most authors suffer from the sunk cost fallacy with covers. Too often authors will waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars in ad spend that fails to convert due to a $300 cover.

It’s time to solve that problem.

In this class, we’re going to tackle both of these issues, starting with an overview of the top AI art generators including Bing, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly, and Midjourney. You’ll learn how to use advanced prompts to make the best art that really represents your characters and story with minimal compromise.

With amazing AI art in hand, I’ll teach you how to use tools like Topaz AI to upscale the images as well as Photoshop’s Generative Fill to tweak the images and make them really shine.

You’ll go from spending hours scanning through stock photo sites to having a library of great art that represents your story and brand in less time. 

Use it for ads, build a cover, send it to your artist as inspiration, it’s up to you how you use the results. 

August 11th at 2PM - 4PM EST!

Space is limited. Grab your ticket today.

Examples of the type of art you'll learn how to create.

Examples of typography you'll learn how to create.

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