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Author Mindset: Success or Failure


This is something I've been thinking about lately.

Most author groups I go to, I see the same statement repeated. And it's been this way for years. I don't know how to market. Marketing is a big scary word that makes authors quake in their boots and I used to be one of them too. Until I broke it down. Do you: Have a book cover? Have you written a blurb? Do you have an author website? All of these things, are marketing whether you've thought of it that way or not.

Put your best foot forward.

Make sure your blurb and cover, even your website, align with your genre.

Can you:

Write a Reader Magnet?

Put together back matter?

Run a newsletter?

Can you message other authors to coordinate promos?

If the answer is yes, then you are already a kick butt marketer! Tell yourself that and you might start to get a little better. A little braver.

Your knowledge, your marketing, might not be what needs to shift. It might just be your mindset and the story you tell yourself.

You are a marketer. You do know how to do it.

Marketing isn't standing on a rooftop shouting, buy my book.

Maybe it was once but now it's a lot more subtle. Indie authors have to be savvy to stand out from the pack.

Because whether it's marketing or creating ad campaigns, you are the best person to take control of the wheel.

You know your books better than anyone. And more importantly, you love them. You believe in them.

You are passionate about your stories.

Your drive to succeed is strong and nothing will stop you from obtaining your goals.

Your passion and your drive to succeed, your hunger, will bring readers to you if you put yourself out there.

You just need to believe in yourself, first and foremost.

You need to spend some time finding your message and finding your audience. This might take time. Be patient. It's worth the effort.

Your audience is out there and they're waiting for your books. They just don't know it yet.

If you need help refining your marketing, or your audience or want a guide along the way, comment below. We would love to help guide you to success!

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